About Us

Our water source is protected by thousand of acres of the Daniel Boone National Forest. This wooded mountain range ensures a limitless supply of high quality, great tasting, pure spring water. As the rainwater percolates through ancient sandstone bedrock, it’s filtered to create its crisp, fresh, pure taste. We extract the water from underground at 55 degrees, and bottle it in our state-of-the-art plant.

So, enjoy the taste. It’s pure, refreshing and good for you. It’s Climax Pure Spring Water.

Our Process

While extracting our pure spring water from the ground, we micron-filter it, treat it with ultra violet light, and then treat it with ozone immediately before we bottle it. This triple protection guarantees that our water is always as clean (or cleaner) as when we first extracted it, giving it a great crisp taste. We use ozone because it doesn’t impart any taste or odor to the spring water, and, within hours after final bottling, it turns into the same form of oxygen that we breathe.

Your Safety

Our number one goal is to provide you with the highest quality water. That’s why we don’t just go by the book when it comes to quality control. We go beyond it. We regularly test our source water and finished product for organic and inorganic chemicals regulated by the FDA. We also test for several chemicals not currently regulated by federal or state governments, and our water has never violated the standards of quality of the FDA.

Climax Spring Water is safe, pure and good for you.